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pork satay and chicken satay
Sauces-Condiments, Snack-Appetizer

Pork Satay Combination

Thai Street Food | Pork Satay(Moo Satay) recipe + Thai Peanut Sauce + Cucumber Salad The smell of burning charcoal touches my nose while I was holding a skewer of pork satay during the day of rush hour at a street food market in Bangkok. It comes now to make […]

Homemade Thai Peanut Sauce

Easy Thai Peanut Sauce

A simple restaurant-style peanut sauce you can’t believe you can quickly make it yourself The famous Thai sauce that goes with Satay(herbal marinated meat on skewers) Watch the short clip on how it’s easily made (1 min) I can literally say peanut sauce that is sold in every Thai restaurant […]

A warm Thai custard dip with steamed soft bread
Dessert Recipes

Thai Pandan Custard Dip

How to quickly make a warm snack dessert, Thai Pandan Custard dip I remembered the days when I stayed by a busy morning street food market in Bangkok. There’s not only spicy and zesty food selling at the stalls but a western fusion bakery, steamed soft bread dipping in Thai […]

Bean Thread noodle Salad with Seafood and ground pork
Making Salad, Noodle Recipes

Seafood Glass Noodle Salad | Yum Woon Sen

Step-by-step to a quick-and-easy bean thread noodle salad recipe Seafood glass noodle salad is one of famous Thai authentic spicy salads you can get everywhere in Thailand because the distinctive sourness in balancing 3-flavor dressing can refresh you from cheesy food or greasy deep fried stuff. I have to recall […]

With-Rice Recipes

Chicken Yellow Curry With Kabocha Squash

A 6-ingredient Thai Autumn Curry Recipe I’ve been waiting for I enjoy cooking with seasonal produce because it tastes the best when you need. Squash is one of my favorite vegetables (or fruit?) I like to eat in Fall, and I come up with Chicken Yellow Curry With Kabocha Squash […]