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Thai soup recipes, Asian soup, noodle soup, rice soup, and all kinds of Asian-western fusion soup

Hot and sour soup
Soup Recipes

Creamy Tom Yum Angry Prawns

5 Occasions To Cook Yourself The Authentic Thai Soup | Tom Yum Goong I am lucky to be around with people cooking amazing food, especially my mother who can make a soothing Tom Yum whenever I need. The soup has a complete 3-flavors plus spiciness, and the body is runny […]

Thai five-spice soup
Soup Recipes

Thai five-spice soup(Kai Palo)

How to make Thai five-spice soup with pork belly and boiled eggs (ไข่พะโล้หมู) | The non-strict diet recipe When you want to be on a diet, and the meal plan says to include hard-boiled eggs for your breakfast, this Thai five-spice soup with hard-boiled eggs is always the top of […]