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stir-fried Thai basil with ground pork
With-Rice Recipes

Stir-Fried Thai Basil | Pad Grapow Moo Kai Dow

6 tips to improve your stir-fried hot Thai basil After I received a call from Amy’s mom, JK, l immediately flashback a plate of warm jasmine rice sweet-salty caramelized ground meat, burnt chili, peppery smell, and an over-easy fried egg on top. I couldn’t stop thinking to be home right […]

Thai dessert recipe
Dessert Recipes

Thai Taro Custard Cake

Kanom Mor Kaeng (ขนมหม้อแกงเผือก) | Phetchaburi’s favorite cake you must try I have failed it twice, and I wanted to give up. The instruction gives me 5 steps how to make Thai taro custard cake, but I could not make it like what I ate in Phetchaburi, Thailand. That soft […]

Seafood Soybean gravy on fried rice noodle
Noodle Recipes

Rad Na Talay

Seafood Soybean Gravy On Fried Rice Noodle The salty-sweet sticky gravy sauce made with a combination of Chinese fermented soybean and thin soy sauce draped on the crispy wide rice noodle scrambled with egg. This dish creates both feeling of noodle soup and stir-fried—it’s named Rad Na in Thai. In […]